Andy Eyre

Photo: me in
Monument Valley, Az



I grew up in Derbyshire. There's some beautiful scenery nearby, well worth a visit if you happen to pass that way, and the weather is fine.

I used to go to Jesus College, Cambridge. While there, I studied physics at the Cavendish Laboratory.

I also used to go to Merton College, Oxford. From there I obtained a doctorate in theoretical astrophysics. My research work was done at the Rudolf Peierls Centre, and was supervised by James Binney.

After that, I studied clinical medicine at St Peter's College, Oxford and the Oxford University Medical School. I followed the four year programme.

Following qualification, I worked for two years as a Foundation doctor in the NHS, on the Oxford hospital circuit. I then moved to the State of Israel with my family. I spent a short time learning the Hebrew language, and then four years in residency training in general internal medicine at Meir Medical Center.


I'm a medical doctor. I hold specialty certification in internal medicine. I work as a subspeciality fellow in respiratory medicine, and occasionally as an attending physician in internal medicine. I am based at Meir Medical Center. I sometimes have the great privilege of teaching medical students from Tel Aviv University.

Miscellaneous factoids

I have an Erdős number of 5. (how?)


I used to research Galactic dynamics[1]. However, I no longer work in this field.

I am always keen to use my skills on interesting medical research projects. If you think we could usefully collaborate, then get in touch.


Do you expect me to talk? If so, get in touch.

Some physics talks

Do tidal streams delineate orbits?
given at the Problematik Workshop, Oxford, 9 Aug 2010. (slides).

Streams in the Galaxy: Galactic parallax and GD-1
given at the IoA, Cambridge, 29 Oct 2009. (slides).



Eyre AM & Binney JJ, The mechanics of tidal streams. 2011, MNRAS, 413, 1852. (arXiv).

Eyre AM, On the dynamics of tidal streams. 2010, DPhil thesis, University of Oxford. (PDF, view online, arXiv, Bodelian). This thesis was runner up for the 2010 Michael Penston Prize awarded by the Royal Astronomical Society for the best doctoral thesis in astronomy and astrophysics of that year.

Eyre AM, An application of Galactic parallax: the distance to the tidal stream GD-1. 2009, MNRAS, 403, 1999. (arXiv).

Eyre AM & Binney JJ, Locating the orbits delineated by tidal streams. 2009, MNRAS, 400, 528. (arXiv).

Eyre AM & Binney JJ, Fitting orbits to tidal streams with proper motions. 2009, MNRAS, 399, L160. (arXiv).

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